Monday, January 24, 2011


Rapunzel is a story about a girl with abnormally long hair who lives in a tower with a witch.  One day, she is rescued by a handsome prince who climbs her hair and sets her free.  They both live happily ever after.  This is a typical ending that occurs in all the delightful versions of fairytales.

An older version was not so kind to the characters in the stories, but this makes it all the more entertaining to read.

Rapunzel, who is given away to the witch in exchange for some plants her mother is obsessed with, goes to live in a tower far away from the world.  As she grows, her hair grows.  The witch uses Rapunzel’s hair as a means to get into the tower.  A prince happens to witness this strange event after hearing a lovely singing voice from above.  Once the witch leaves, he climbs Rapunzel’s hair and they meet for the first time. The prince goes to the tower every night after this first meeting and the two teenagers have some fun.  Rapunzel, not knowing what it meant to be pregnant, wondered why her clothes were getting to small for her.  When the witch found out about the prince, she tricked him into entering the tower, pushed him out of the window.  He landed in a thorn bush which injured his eyes and blinded him.  Rapunzel was then sentenced to a life of loneliness in a deserted place. 

Surprisingly, this gruesome story actually has a happily ever after.  The prince, still blind, comes across Rapunzel, who recognizes him immediately.  Her tears, which randomly have magical powers, heal the prince.  The prince, finally being able to see, finds his out he is the father of twins.  They are able to get back to his kingdom to live happily ever after.


  1. I remember reading about this. I found it very interesting yet gruesome. I think it's funny how Disney took these fairtales and made them into childrens stories. I think some of the gruesome stories are a little scary actually.

  2. There are some interesting scriptural parallels aren't there - lost in a desert, redemption...

    I do find the jealous older woman theme a bit disturbing. Older women in these tales are often either dead mother figures or predatory witches -- and, as a middle-aged woman, I find it a bit depressing.

  3. Well the real story is definitely a lot more interesting and bizarre than the first one! I personally kind of like it, and the reason why I do is because in reality there is NEVER a happy-ever-after without some kind of struggle. Although I have never heard of an old woman pushing royalty out a window or at all for that fact without the possiblity of a lawsuit XD