Sunday, January 16, 2011

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

The delightful rendition of this fairytale tells of Goldilocks entering a stranger’s house, eating the food, and sleeping in the beds.  At the end, she is awoken by three bears, but manages to run away unscathed.

The two gruesome renditions of this fairytale are more violent and surprising, making it very entertaining.  In one version, Goldilocks is awoken by the three bears who rip her to shreds and devour her.  In the other version, Goldilocks survives, but at a high cost.  When frightened by the bears’ return, she jumps out of the window.  The story leaves the reader not knowing exactly what happened, but says that Goldilocks either breaks her neck due to the fall, or was arrested and sent to the “House of Correction”.


  1. hahahaa this is great! and actually if a little girl went into a bears house i would say this is pretty accurate. Also what kind of book is this for children if they encourage them to go to a bears house!? haha good stuff though

  2. You have made my day! I have just went back in time to my childhood days and remembered, this is the very first book I learned to read. I have forgotten about the book and it's influence in my life until now. It was one of those things i just threw underneath the rug because I felt I was too old to read it. But I know if it wasn't for this book, I would not be reading successfully now. Thank You!! Oh and by the way I love the sweeter rendition better!! :)

  3. TAKING IT BACK ! This story is pretty funny if you htink about it. What is a young girl doing breaking and entering?