Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The 10th Kingdom

The 10th Kingdom was a television series that was eventually combined into a 4 hour-long movie.  The plot takes place two centuries after Snow White and Cinderella had their fairytale adventure.  Snow White’s grandson, Prince Wendel, is about to be crowned King of the Fourth Kingdom.  The evil queen, the successor of Snow White’s evil stepmother, wants to take control of the Fourth Kingdom.  She escapes prison and turns the prince into a golden retriever.  Wendel escapes through a magic mirror that sends him to New York City (the 10th Kingdom).  Virginia, a typical New York City girl, is dragged into this world with her father, Tony.  They are forced to help Wendel become human again so they can return home.

During the movie, there are evil creatures trying to prevent this heroic act from happening.  Wolf (the one from the three little pigs), who is actually a human, is manipulated in prison and sent to hunt Virginia by the orders of the evil queen.  He ties Virginia’s grandmother up and almost eats her; but decides not to when he realizes that he fell in love with Virginia.  In another scene, he is blamed for killing and devouring Sally Peep (Bo Peep’s relative).  It is found out that he did no such thing and that she was actually killed by her father for not winning the Shepherdess Competition.  Wolf turns into a good guy and helps Virginia and Tony try to save the prince and find their way home.

Also among the evil creatures are the trolls.  There are three teenage trolls and one father.  The father troll has magic shoes that allow him to be invisible.  However, when he wears them too long, he becomes dependent on the shoes, which makes him aggressive towards everyone around him and makes him extremely weak when he takes them off.  The father troll, who is under the loyalty of the evil queen, has to answer to her every call.  When she contacts him, she makes him suffer by creating agonizing pain in his head until he finds a mirror to answer her call.  When he gets fed up and denies her, she finds him and decapitates him.  She tells his three children that Virginia is responsible, so they get an even bigger vendetta towards Virginia.

Even after the princesses have been dead for about two centuries, violence is still occurring in their Kingdoms.  This just goes to show you that there are no true happily ever afters.

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