Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Snow White

Disney’s version of Snow White is so romantic.  A prince hears Snow White singing and he falls madly in love with her right away.  When the queen gets jealous of Snow White, she orders her to be killed. Snow White is able to get away and takes refuge with seven dwarfs.  The queen finds out where she is hiding.  She disguises herself as an old lady and presents Snow White a poisoned apple. Snow White eats it and falls into a deep sleep.  The queen is chased by the dwarfs and falls backwards off of a cliff.  The prince eventually finds Snow White in a clear casket.  He wakes her up with a kiss and they live happily ever after.

The Grimm’s version is not so much romantic as it is creepy.  First of all, the queen attempts to kill Snow White in a lot more ways.   She uses lace, a poisoned comb, and a poisoned apple.  The poisoned apple made Snow White stop breathing and the dwarfs thought she was dead.  The prince shows up in the story for the first time when he comes across the dead body in a glass casket.  He insists on taking the girl home with him.  He feels as though he cannot live without her.  As his men carry the casket, they stumble over a tree stump and the apple is lodged out of Snow White’s throat.  She awakens and marries the prince.  The queen is punished in the end by being forced to dance in heated iron shoes.

I do not understand why the prince wanted a dead girl’s body.  Even if she was the prettiest girl he had ever seen, it is extremely disturbing!


  1. wow! I completely agree with you. It is highly disturbing to think that some strange guy wants to keep a dead body just to stare at it. Talk about freaks! I wonder, what was going through the Grimm brother's minds when they wrote all these disturbing stories.

  2. haha wow! I agree, anyone who wants a dead body is just really creepy. I think i'll go with Disney's verson, its normal. I remember the poison comb, lace and apple from the 10th Kingdom, thats how i learned about the Grimm verson of alot of these stoires!

  3. Disney ALWAYS seems to do the mushy version of the Grimm stories. I honestly believe that the Grimm Brothers made these disturbing stories so that parents could scare their children if they were being naughty XD