Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sleeping Beauty

The Disney version of Sleeping Beauty is about a princess who is cursed by a witch, pricks her finger, and falls into a deep, seemingly endless sleep.  Eventually, a prince finds her and wakes her up with a kiss.  Of course, they live happily ever after.

An original Italian version provides Sleeping Beauty with a more gruesome plot, making it more entertaining and horrifying.

While Sleeping Beauty was asleep, a King finds her and rapes her.  Because of this, she gives birth to twins while she is still in a deep, endless sleep.  The fairies that watch over Sleeping Beauty help the children suckle.  One child attempts to fed from Sleeping Beauty’s finger.  This removes the poisoned splinter from her finger which finally woke her up.  The King finally returns and becomes even more in love with Sleeping Beauty now that she is awake.

However, the King is already married to the Queen.  The King’s wife finds out and is enraged.  She creates a plan that involves cooking the twins and feeding them to her husband.  The cook, however, only pretends to cook the children.  The Queen tells her husband that he ate his own children.  The King flips out (rightfully so) and buries his wife alive.  With his wife dead, the King is single again and decides to marry Sleeping Beauty. 

It sounds just like the random, twisted plots from Soap Opera on television!

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